My practice is closed and I've retired and moved out-of-state. Former patients, their parents, or other health providers who need access to treatment records may contact me via email *

If you were referred to me by another professional, please inform that person that I am no longer in practice. If you need a referral, I suggest you access the Maryland Psychological Association's Referral Service or the provider list available from your health insurance provider.

*There is no guarantee that your e-mail will not be intercepted during transmission by a third-party.  You assume responsibility for any accidental disclosures of personal information as a result of others having access to your e-mail account including an employer. An e-mail exchange does not establish a professional relationship between you and Dr. Busch. Do not use e-mail to contact Dr. Busch in the event of a crisis or emergency. Call the Grassroots 24-hour Crisis Hotline (410-531-6677), 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.